Session 5 - Peace and War

In which the party sends a message of peace to monsters, and a message of war to men.

15th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Fun and games at Oleg’s, playing Toss The Mite! The mite’s are marched out with one of the guardsmen on a caravan, to be taken away to a labour camp to work off their debt to society.
The party heads out to see the kobolds once more, and return the devilish kobold statue.

17th of Pharasma (March) 4710
Yuvitza slits off to purify the old sycamore tree and it’s gnarled, near-dead remains. Who knows what the mite infestation did down there, what with giant centipedes and ticks?

18th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A pow wow is organized with the kobolds who are relieved at the defeat of their mite tormentors. There is some dissension between Chief Sootscale and Shaman Tartuk, with Tartuk saying working with the outsiders was a mistake and will bring down more punishment. Chief Sootscale, in a fit of anger, destroys the statue, and when none of them are struck down from the heavens, turns on Tartuk, who turns invisible after cursing all present. In his absence, the afternoon is consumed by a feast of frivolity and union, as the members involved share games, meat, and quality kobold “herbal pipe smokes”.
The party thanks them for the declared union of peace- which entitles the kobolds to the entirety of their area of the map as being their province, with a promise of non intervention by the human settlers who may come. Also, a trading area is to be set up so that humans and kobolds can share resources peaceably. Business concluded, the party departs.

19th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A particularly shallow crossing is found across the Thorn River, just north of the fork in the water where the river splits.

20th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A spider infested fangberry thicket is discovered, and Bokken is going to be happy because the party braved the infestation to get him a whole bucket’s worth of the tastiest of berries. He’ll be willing to talk discount, now.

21st of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Travel continues northwards, along the river, though nothing of note is discovered other than a rickety bridge. The party is approaching in the direction of the bandits’ Thorn River camp.

22nd of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A dark day begins, as the bandits are scouted and ambushed- only five apparently remaining in the camp. Three are drawn out by a clever ruse, as Tobias lures them with an amazing bluff concerning there being gold stolen from a giant to the south- a rumour the bandits confirm having heard about, and are greedy enough to believe. They may have planned on getting the drop on Tobias after getting the gold, but the drop is instead on them. Most of the bandits are slain in the ensuing battle, although one just barely manages to escape the fray. Two are left alive- one whom is killed afterwards by Vitrius in a powerful sleeper hold, and the other is held for questioning. Torture is employed by Tobias and Vitrius to get the answers they seek, and the bandit spills everything he knows, including the location of the Stag Lord’s camp to the southeast, and a ‘passcode’ needed to get in. Pleading for his life, and then to at least be killed quickly and not maimed to Finch, his second prayers are answered as she argues furiously with Vitrius and Tobias for the bandit’s life, and manages to prevent his severe maiming. Instead, her refutations instead at least earn the bandit a swift, instantaneous death.
Vitrius leaves a message, the other bandit receiving funeral rites… and then horrifically flaying the dead bandit’s skin in a grisly display next to the other bandits’ bodies. Mason and Finch are perturbed by their companions, to say the least. Vitrius pays ‘silence money’ to Finch to not tell Yuvitza about what happened.

23rd of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Heading east back into the hills, the party finds a previously undiscovered vein of gold ore which could be developed into a proper gold mine, given time and effort!

24th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
The party rejoins Yuvitza at the now purified Sycamore tree, which shows sign of regrowth already beginning as spring continues to spread across the Greenbelt.

700 XP each (stopping bandits, making peace with the kobolds, exploration).
Delicious bucket of fangberries.

“So we’ll fight them as they’re unconscious. I like it.”
“I think he’ll be fine.” “But he’s got HANDS!”
“No misunderstandings under the open sky!”
“How about acrobatics?” “That’s more for Muggles.”
“Sometimes, dogs are brown.”
“These don’t turn on plants.” “We have to handle this bush delicately.”
“Do I control you, Tobias?” “No.” “He answered obediently…”
“It’s a QUIET promise!”



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