Letters to Count Rocca Marina

Though there is a time delay of at least a week for the mail to go Restov and back, whenever at Oleg’s the party may wish to inform Count Rocca Marina personally of their accomplishments, dangers, or reasonable requests. They will be presented in order on this page- simply edit, and post it below here!

1st Letter Example

Your minions will die, etc, madness, blah blah blah.
~26th day of Pharasma, 4710

Dear Vitrius,
I am sending this message via courier directly to ensure it reaches you as soon as possible. I hope it finds you in better spirits, you mad fellow! Don’t worry, your little joke was delightful- so delightful that I’ve sent one of my own along. Just ask him what it is.
~Your Most Efficacious Count Rocca Marina
~30th day of Pharasma, 4710

2nd Letter

Finch’s Letter to Count Marina:

Dear Count Marina;

I wish this letter came with better news. Vitrius is gone. He turned against us and was slain, but we are trying to find out the cause of this sudden burst of madness. He will be burried at Oleg’s trading post. I have taken his place as leader of the group and will see to it that the greenbelt is bandit free.

I do have some good news. The leader of the group of bandits, called the stag lord, was taken care of, and most of the bandits aswell. We will look out for any other bandits, but we struck a mighty blow to their forces in any case.

We dealt with the kobolts too. We were able to make them our allies, and we gave them their land and opened up with a trading aggrements with them. We also sent the mites away and that seemed to help the kobolts moral some.

Though, all of this has come with some sacrifices. Some reinforcements for the trading post would be apprechiated. The bandits attacked the trading post while we were out and we loss a few good guardsmen. We could use the help in keeping our home safe while we’re out making the land safe.

I will keep you posted on our activities. Thank you in advance for the weapons and the manpower. We will be tying up some loose ends and keep you up to date with.

-Finch Cloudkicker

Letters to Count Rocca Marina

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