Session 08 -Temple of the Elk
In which fae are found, temples are cleansed, and parties are sundered

2nd of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

Arriving back at Oleg’s, everyone but Tobias moves to help Finch bury Vitrius’s body behind the fort, alongside Kesten Garess and the soldiers who were killed defending it from the bandit assault a little over a week ago. It’s tough work, but it needs doing. Just inside the stable, Tobias encounters a strange bird the size of a horse- it, too, having a saddle meant for a man. It makes no move to attack, and simply stares at him suspiciously, so he goes to get a drink. Svetlana and Oleg are very accommodating, especially when they hear that the Stag Lord and the bandits are a threat no more. The axe-beak bird’s owner, Sarthaal is present for this, sipping wine as he waits for an undetermined later time to speak.

The deed done, leftover moon radish stew is eaten by all who enjoy a fine meal, relate stories, and promises of the return of Oleg’s stolen goods are made. Sarthaal finally speaks, relaying that he was sent here to deal with Vitrius, but as he has already been dealt with, he is to defer to the party’s current leader, the half-drunk Finch who is drowning her sorrows and grief. Sarthaal joins the party! Finch makes a pass at Sarthaal, who seems surprised by the forthright offer, and is politely declined. Everyone passes out in proper beds and gets a well deserved night’s rest.

3rd of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

They awaken, and with Sarthaal’s help, Finch composes a proper report back to Count Rocca Marina, detailing their efforts, successes, and losses in the Greenbelt, as well as putting in an order for reward- specifically, better gear, rather than simple coin.

Setting out, they head west to begin charting the woodland regions of the Greenbelt (the forests are named the Narlmarches, being somewhat more river-ridden than the average wood). Soldiers arrive as a replacement complement, along with a letter that Reeves has been promoted to acting Captain for his bravery and fidelity to duty in preventing Oleg’s from being overrun, although it is with a heavy heart that he does so (his former Captain’s body currently being buried 45 feet away from him, after all). Oleg makes preparations for a carriage ride and transport between his fort and the Stag Lord’s, to retrieve the assembled loot, which even then will probably take weeks to properly sell through channels in Restov- Oleg doesn’t have thousands upon thousands of gold just lying around to pay the party for it. Trust is in evidence, however, as they’ll figure that out mutually at a later time- time to explore woods!

…The plains to the west of Oleg’s are unremarkable.

4th of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

Striking southwest, the party properly gets into the woods, finding the northern regions of the Thorn river where it spreads through the woods, but, other than enjoying a very different day beneath pine branches than open sky, find nothing of exceptional note.

5th of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

The party awakens to… tricks having been played on them! Finch’s hair is now shockingly blue, and Mason was knit to the earth via an entangling of roots! It wasn’t Yuvitza, so who? Tobias and Sarthaal’s guess: Fairies are messing with them, prank-style. Finch manages to incorporate blue as part of her new look, and Mason grumbles as he eventually manages to tear himself free.
Veering northwest, the party is nearly caught in several bear traps. The region is littered with them, as though by a careless trapper who hasn’t been properly checking them. It is fortunate that only animals and not men or women are caught, but, still… dangerous. The assembled party agrees it’s best to spring the traps so nobody gets hurt, and spends two days doing so as best they can- Mason’s detecting of natural traps to be a boon, as while it doesn’t point out the bear traps exactly, it does give him a vague impression of their presence existing.

7th of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

More tricks are played in the night, as Tobias’s boots were apparently greased, and Sarthaal gets a face full of pyrotechnics from the fire, like a fireworks show. Sarthaal gets down to brass tacks on this one and makes a peace offering with the fairies, putting together a small sum of gold from each of the party members. Invisibly, it is taken.

Southwest once again, they stumble upon a dead trapper at Thorn River caught in what was likely his own trap- a dead-fall of logs, which went off prematurely and pinned him. His masterwork hand-axe lies in a tree trunk nearby, the only real item of value. In a show of compassion, the party removes him, and gives him a proper burial- whoever he was.

That night, a few more gold pieces are given up in offering, and Sarthaal implores the fairies to make themselves known as friends. His diplomacy is rewarded with a tiny fae dragon and a grig appearing- Perlivash, and Tyg-Titter Tut, one being a miniature butterfly dragon, and the other being a grasshopper-woman of sorts. Perlivash is polite and magnanimous to his hosts, and the party finds them absolutely adorable (with the exception of Tobias, who rolls his eyes at the display). The party shares their meal, and Finch shares her hair with Perlivash, while Tyg Titter Tut perches atop an accommodating Foosa for the night.

8th of Gozran (April) 4710 AR

They rise, prank free, to enjoy breakfast with the fairies, who are very informative. When asked about the location of the temple Joan Khavken may have been looking for, they indicate that it’s not all that far to the southeast, and even agree to guide them to the edge of its territory! The fae do so, before flying off and turning invisible, the party glad to have met some non-humans who were friendly. The heavy growth of the forest thickens and then makes way for the run down Temple of the Elk, with it’s staid watery basin and broken pillars, leading to a cave against a hill.

The blood splatter they stumble across, however, is of more immediate concern, and Tobias traces it to its source- Joan Khavken. She is unconscious and near death, but Yuvitza and Mason manage to restore her health so that she can sit up and draw away from death’s door. The temple is found, and by her the previous day (she did not have the advantage of fae telling her where it was), with an accompaniment of maddened bears, who seem possessed by angry souls, and bear the eyes of men. Not expecting them, she managed to fight them off enough to get free, but collapsed afterwards. She asks the party for aid to purify the temple- which can only be done when these ursine guardians are defeated.

Finch and Tobias stealth into the cave to scope out what’s going on, and discover two bears, one apparently sleeping and the other roused but not expecting them. On the offensive, Finch stalks up, and sneak attacks the bear… drawing its attention, at which point it decides to bear hug her with thunderous power! The rest of the party emerges quickly, engaging the bears in battle, and managing to defeat them without getting too mauled by their powerful claws. Upon their defeat, Joan utters some words to Erastil’s name, and the bears’ souls seem to be drawn out of them- souls of men (mysteriously, not that of bears). They shakily look at peace, floating overhead and dissipating into the late afternoon sun.

At this point, the water begins to grow clearer in the man-made pond, fresh as nature itself ought to be. Finch and Yuvitza begin to bathe, and Finch in particular notices its restorative efforts healing her bear claw wounds! Attention is drawn afterwards to what they came to see Joan about- identifying the amulet Vitrius took off the Stag Lord. Though it would take more to determine exact specifics, Joan’s assessment names it an amulet of Asmodeus, and while it would not drive a normal man to insanity, it could in theory empower a devout worshiper in a limited context, which would match up with Vitrius’s sudden restoration to full health. This sets Finch particularly on edge- the name Asmodeus having historical implications for her, and not good ones. She demands that the amulet be destroyed. Tobias- who thus far has been the bearer of the amulet, balks at the motion to take it from him, and refuses. Finch reiterates the demand, with the qualifier that Tobias can, otherwise, get the hell out of there.

Tobias gets pissed at this, and does so, leaving the party. The rest of the night is pretty awkward, with light chatter between Joan and Yuvitza, as Joan tries to spread the word of Erastil to a potential new convert.

1100 xp each
-For exploration, making friends with fairies, and cleansing the Temple of the Elk.


“Seems like the “bear” minimum damage… huh? huh?" – Saarthal

Session 7 - The Fall of Stag Fort
In which triumph and betrayal lead to victory- at a cost

28th of Pharasma (March) 4710 AR

The battle is still in full fight mode as the mysterious figure who aided them retreats along the upper walkway, while the Mason, Tobias, and Finch finish off the owlbear. Yuvitza is frustrated with her difficulties shooting upwards, and Foosa yowls as he snaps his jaws onto the tattooed dagger throwing man just around the corner- only to be kicked off, and stabbed, before the man also disappears.

Blades in hand, Tobias howls with orcish ferocity as he scales the poles supporting the raised sentry platforms, and hauls himself up, ignoring arrows to lay waste to one of the archers. The second is dispatched by Finch, whom Vitrius launches up like a shot put to clear the upper levels. Then, and only then, does the team experience a brief moment of respite, where what limited healing resources are used and as a whole marginally becoming patched up.

Snarling, Vitrius begins to interrogate the simpleton as to the location of The Stag Lord, and ‘the Amulet’. Stuttering, Auchs manages to point off in the direction of the Stag Lord’s room, but doesn’t seem to know about any special amulet- he’s got a silver stag amulet, too, after all. Getting what information he wanted, Vitrius surprises everyone present by stabbing Auchs viciously, and then proceeding to stomp his head in a show of rage. Yuvitza is particularly displeased.

Rallying together again, they explore the rest of the fort by heading to the first stairwell and rising atop the ruined tower, using the walkways to get a better view and see if any other bandits await them from on high- apparently, none. The fort is eerily quiet in that following two minutes after the first wave of the battle, and no figures present themselves. On the far side of the walkway, Finch stops everyone for a moment, hearing the sound of moving figures beneath them, where they believe the Stag Lord’s chambers to be. They act immediately- jumping down to the ground level, with Vitrius and Yuvitza taking hard landings, and certainly blowing any chance of particular surprise, before standing to arms in a doorway that reveals a fully armored and half dressed Kressel, whirling to face them. She growls, and behind her they see the silhouette of the sly tattooed man and who can only be the Stag Lord himself, drawing his bow.

The battle begins quickly, with proclamations that no quarter will be given, and from Vitrius that the Stag will hand over the Amulet draped about his neck immediately. Kressel is immediately set upon by Finch who has a score to settle, and Tobias. They whittle away at her as arrows are exchanged with the Stag Lord who has no trouble with Yuvitza’s suddenly entangling roots springing from beneath his feet; an archer has no fear of being forced to use range only.

Kressel struggles to retreat amidst the roots, not envying her front line position against so many foes at once, and is the first to fall as the battle pushes inwards. Dovan is next to take a significant beating as they are pushed back step by step towards the center of the tower, and is reduced to a bloodied state from the party’s tactics. Vitrius offers but one reprieve- flee now, and never return, or die. With the only he and his Lord left to battle five, Dovan shows his level of loyalty and flees- but not before taking a nearly fatal arrow to the back from the Stag Lord’s own hand. Alone and outnumbered, Stag manages to fell Mason in battle and severely weaken the rest of the party. Uncharacteristically, Vitrius uses the last charge of the flaming wand they picked up a few days ago in the mage’s cache and tries to fry the Stag Lord… simultaneously nearly killing Mason and endangering the rest of his party in the tight cluster around the Stag at the same time. In the end despite his might, the Lord dies in battle, in the center of his tower, the center of his power base, and takes with his death the heart of the organized crime of the bandits in the Greenbelt.

Everyone breathes great sighs of relief, and tends to what matters to them most just then: Tobias smirks and checks out the Stag’s assembled gear, removing his helmet and seeing the Lord’s acid-scarred face for the first time. Vitrius’s first act was to snatch the evil looking Stag amulet from the fallen Lord and huddle in the corner, clutching it to his breast almost feverishly. Finch heads back to Kressel’s bleeding, dying, and unconscious body, and “returns the axe she borrowed” to the woman it came from, showing that actually stabbing Finch in the back could see her doing the same to your head. Yuvitza tends to the unconscious Mason’s wounds, ensuring that he is not to die, even though he saw a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Calmly, Vitrius rises from his corner, and approaches behind Tobias, whom has just put on the Stag Lord’s helm to gain some new perspective. This is cut short as Vitrius suddenly attacks Tobias, stabbing him down in a blaze of betrayal. Everyone is shocked, most notably Finch, who stares in amazement as her most trusted friend and protector screams that the rest of the group is against them, and urges her to fight at his side! The melee that follows if pitched and frightful as the weakened group can scarcely stave him off- Finch pleading for him to stop, but taking no action except to play a music box she found earlier, in the hope that music would stop the savage beast. It does not. Mason still lies fallen, and Yuvitza soon joins him, with one last directive to Foosa to find the man who had aided them earlier… leaving Tobias and Vitrius to battle as equals in strength. Despite his renewed vigor, Tobias’s double blades find the dark paladin more powerfully, and lands a near killing blow. Vitrius collapses, and Finch cries out to stop fighting- her pleas ignored then, but not now by Tobias.

At her protector’s side, she begs Vitrius to answer why he betrayed them, what is happening, with the rising suspicion that it must be this Amulet he took that has changed him so- clearly, to have such a sudden rise in rage against his own teammates, it must be an outside influence. Vitrius rises to her, begging her closer, and silently slips her dagger from her pocket while telling her, “It was all lies. None of it was real! None of it!” Finch barely has time to cry, “But I love you!” before Vitrius commits suicide, goring his own neck with Finch’s dagger rather than become captured. Finch goes numb, and the mood is black as Akiros Ismort rounds the rear doorway behind Foosa, rubbing his bumped head (sapped unconscious by right-hand-man Dovan earlier on), and asking why that guy just killed himself.

Using the last of his healing potions, Akiros helps Mason and Yuvitza to consciousness, and explains that he was a bandit himself who grew weary of the pointless violence and bleak life in the Greenbelt. Without purpose, he looked to strike back at the Stag Lord, but on his own could not have hoped to have accomplished anything. When the party struck, he knew it was his as well, and regrets that he was so easily ambushed by Dovan before the fight against the Stag Lord proper. He asks them, who is their leader? Of the remaining four, Finch woodenly replies that it is her who heads this band. Heading outside in the dark to retrieve the steeds, she returns with the obedient horses- but when Pookie sees the fallen body of her master, the mare shakes her head and breaks away, clopping into the night.

29th of Pharasma (March) 4710 AR

Tales are swapped as darkness falls, and the gates of Stag Fort are drawn closed- the party too weak to do anything else but hunker down for the night and fall into a coma until late the next morning, where Yuvitza’s and Mason’s curative magics help immensely with the tending of cuts, scrapes, and deep bruises. The mood is not notably improved, as Vitrius’s untouched corpse leaves a particularly bleak reminder of what their victory cost, and what mystery remains, not knowing what happened to the mind of who they thought friend. Tobias handles the devilish stag amulet, and does not appear to immediately turn to evil himself, pocketing it with a promise not to wear it until they can find someone better to study the item for them and let them know it’s purpose and role in Vitrius’ betrayal. Mason recalls the priestess of Erastil (Joan Khavken) whom he encountered back at Oleg’s as a possible source of knowledge, and everyone agrees that they will soon enough have to explore the forest to the west to find her (as she is purportedly searching for a lost temple there). Other things need come first though, such as the burying of the dead.

The bandits themselves are buried just outside the fort along the wall, with a painted warning being slammed up on the gate as a temporary measure to any returning bandits that Stag Fort is closed for business. The Stag Lord’s head is removed as Finch recalls they had made a promise to one Davik Nettles concerning his killer’s remains and the returning thereof. Throughout this, a careful accounting of the contents of the Fort with Akiros’ help is performed- there is much stolen loot here for the party to plunder, the vast majority of which will be unable to ever properly be returned, with the possible exception of a certain amount to Oleg who would be delighted to have his sale goods back.

The majority of these goods, however, were not in the Fort but below it- Tobias having discovered the hidden cellar door in the pig roasting room, leading down to the mounds of coins, chests, furs, and gear that have been amassed. Before Akiros can warn them however, they are set upon by Nurgrah, the Stag Lord’s father in wolverine form- apparently, he is a somewhat mad druid, explaining his shape changing abilities, and when told about his son’s death, retreats from battle against the stone wall… hisses with anger, and magically melds into the earth to escape. Mason is impressed, and wishes he could do that.

30th of Pharasma (March) 4710 AR

Getting another night’s rest after the accounting and burial activities of the previous day, the party saddles up to ride out, with Vitrius’s body over one of the bandit’s pack horses, and none of his equipment taken- except for one. Finch removes the charter they received in Restov, and now bears it in her pack. They invite Akiros to come with them, and he declines for the moment, saying that it is instead more valuable that he stay in the Fort and guard it’s stolen wealth so that in a week’s time the party may be able to send transport from Oleg’s to retrieve it’s treasures- the sheer amount of loot impossible to carry in pockets and on their horses. Akiros asks if they trust him to do so, and they accede that they do, and he seems relieved to have some measure of it despite his past. Waving at them, he locks the doors behind them as they depart.

31st of Pharasma (March) 4710 AR

The party encounters the speaking dead once more at the old broken ferry, and Davik Nettles gets what he asked for- the head of the Stag Lord, whose scarred visage melds into water as they hand it over to the animated corpse, as does he, becoming one with the river as his spirit is put to rest. On the river’s edge, his magical ranseur remains, a reward to the group for staying true to their promise. With Finch in the lead, they trot off towards Oleg’s, the four of them to begin a new chapter with the end of the old- a place to bury the dead, and get on with the business of living- or staying alive.


An arcane agent arrives before Count Rocca Marina in his quarters, pouring a glass of wine and reading a letter in the other hand. He bids Saarthal to sit, and though wine is refused, the Count has no problem offering him a finely sieved glass of pure, freshest water instead. The letter comes from Vitrius, whose last incident at Oleg’s had him sending the Count a report, but instead was apparently a message to the effect of “It was all a lie. None of it is real. Your minions are now dead,” which is understandably of concern to the good Count who wants to protect his investment. He has thus summoned the wizard Saarthal who he had worked with before to enter the Greenbelt, locate the chartered party, and show a letter of marque and a copy of the letter Vitrius wrote to the other group members before “mutinying” with their aid, to overcome the turncoat paladin. This is of course if they are all alive. If they are not and he is, then the wizard is to use whatever means necessary to end Vitrius’ life. If he is already slain, then he is charged to aid whomever now leads the band accomplish their chartered goals, a statement which draws Saarthal’s brow. Surely the Count would like his own man to lead the party again? The Count assures him no, that it is better for the will of the people and particularly the loyalty of the chartered group that that not come to pass- for now, anyways.

Though the Count has assured him his own agents are already searching for Godfred Lambert and his associates (who seem to have left town in haste), Saarthal requests to check in on the matter personally before heading out on a provided steed. The Count accedes, and bids him well on his way to Oleg’s in the Greenbelt.


1800XP for the defeat of Stag Fort, and completing a number of quests!
(Everyone has 5000XP- Congratulations on level 3!)

The Stag Lord’s Gear
Lots of Treasure, Gems, Trade Goods

Quotable Quotes:

“Bitch! You’ve shot at me 6 times!”
“The Staglord was not… staggered…”
“What’s your AC?” “One… million!”
“If you can’t take one in the butt and keep running then you’re not a soldier…”
“You can have your axe back…”
“Just say panties!!”
“Hush, you’re dead now.”
“Right up your alley, waffles!”

Session 6 - The Battle For Stag Fort
In which one fort being breached prompts the attack on the other

25th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Yuvitza’s explorations beneath the tree have netted not only the pittance of mite treasure, but also discovers Svetlana’s wedding ring (assumedly stolen from the bandits by the mites). Nestled in her druid’s hands, though, is a magical staff hewn from the tree itself, a fae-touched stave that has enabled her to speak ritualistically to vermin every so often, in the fashion of the mites.

Heading northeast, the assembled group decides it would be best to head northeast, both exploring the last hex in the hills region of the Greenbelt, and to get to Bokken’s so their fangberries net them a healthy discount on potions. The last section of hills contains a claw-like tree, under which Tobias and Yuvitza discover and with help dig out an old cache, presumably of some wizard. The spellbook and wand in particular seem to suggest this. Adopting finders keepers, the party divvies up the loot and heads on towards Bokken’s.

26th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Bokken’s provides some conversation as he boils up their fangberries into tasty, delicious potions of Cure Light Wounds and Endure Elements (which Bokken assures them works, as he stood outside in a thunderstorm naked to no ill effect. Everyone assembled agrees the potions work and bids Bokken stop talking about his state of dress and the freedom the feeling of breeze gives him. As they drove a hard bargain of a 50% off discount, it was for that day only.
When they arrive at Oleg’s after a quick ride west, they discover that all is not well. There is some sign of smouldering flame at the fort, and as they get closer, they discover bodies of bandits and guardsmen alike- most notably Kesten Garess. As they turn over the Captain, they discover his face horribly maimed and carved upon, with a note pinned to his chest that states simply, “message received.” Cue thoughts about how corpse desecration may lead to escalation. Yuvitza furrows her brows a little more- everyone’s been rather vague about what they were up to with the bandits while she was purifying the tree.

Inside, they discover Reeves, the last guardsman, with Svetlana who is binding Oleg’s leg wound. According to Reeves, the bandits posed as traders with a carriage, and when the carriage came in to trade, bandits poured out instead. The attack was swift, and vicious, but the guardsmen managed to force them out, with Captain Garess closing the doors behind him as a last act of bravery before he met his fate. The remaining bandits fled after the main thrust of their ambush was finished, not prepared to assault a closed fort, and in poor spirits with their numbers whittled down.

Yuvitza manages one ray of hope for Svetlana, who takes her wedding ring whilst sobbing, and gives what is possibly Yuvitza’s first hug, emploring them to make their lands safe of the Stag Lord and his agents.

Filled with resolve, the party rides south- prepared or not, they intend to follow the trail of hooves back to the Stag Lord’s fort, and take him on once and for all.

28th of Pharasma (March) 4710 AR

Two days hard ride, following Tobias’ tracking abilities lands the group outside the woods near Stag Fort. It’s evening, and they can see bandits peering over the edge of the spiked walls, doing sentry duty. Guessing that the Stag Lord may have eight or more men aside from himself (based on intel from the bandit they tortured at Thorn River camp), they figure they’re going to have to come up with a plan to get inside before that’s even a problem. Discussion is had, and Vitrius provides Muggles the mite an opportunity to prove himself worthy by letting him off the leash he’s been attached to for the past week or so, if he can only sneak up and suss out the perimeter of the Fort. Muggles agrees with enthusiasm and hustles…. being quite sneaky, but not sneaky enough for the dead, as zombies rise from the hillside and give chase. Muggles runs screaming into the woods, well past the party, who rises to engage the enemy.

This obviously is enough of a ruckus to rouse the bandits, who call out to who might be there, and the party moves fast- making a quick litter and having Yuvitza drag them behind her horse as an offering to the bandits. The bluff- that she found them dead, with their Stag Lord pendents identifying them, and thought their fellows might want to give them a proper burial. The bandits are dubious, but seeing the pendents, allow her passage, dragging them inside, with all bandits present pointing either short sword or arrow in their direction. Finch hides particularly well not on the litter, but as a ‘hunchback’ beneath Yuvitza’s cloak.

The ruse only lasted long enough to get inside, and the group rises to battle immediately despite the risks to themselves, engaging the bandits on the ground effectively while Yuvitza peppers them back with arrows to limited success. Apparently in the darkening light, nobody is a terribly effective shot.

Though the bandits aren’t the best soldiers, they give time for others to draw close, as a lumbering ox of a simpleton engages Vitrius, wailing on him with his giant club, while a mystery rogue lobs daggers at them from somewhere in the shadows. Of most particular concern, is that an owlbear has been released. Mason is severely wounded, but manages to rise with some healing aid, and the party is feeling very beaten up as they defeat Auchs, and engage the owlbear, while a second mystery figure slays a bandit atop the raised platforms, prompting questions as to who on the inside of the fort would be willing to fight for their cause, and draws curses from a now revealed devilish bastard who had been tossing the daggers.


500xp each (for exploration, returning the wedding ring, and the assault of the Fort)
The Sycamore Staff of Vermin + 1 (Yuvitza’s new stave)
The mite’s petty cash / kobold spears.
1 wand of burning hands ( ?? Charges)
1 silver ring
1 masterwork dagger
1 spellbook with five level 1 spells.
1 leather cloak
The mite’s petty cash
Potions of cure light wounds/endure elements from Bokken (various numbers)

Session 5 - Peace and War
In which the party sends a message of peace to monsters, and a message of war to men.

15th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Fun and games at Oleg’s, playing Toss The Mite! The mite’s are marched out with one of the guardsmen on a caravan, to be taken away to a labour camp to work off their debt to society.
The party heads out to see the kobolds once more, and return the devilish kobold statue.

17th of Pharasma (March) 4710
Yuvitza slits off to purify the old sycamore tree and it’s gnarled, near-dead remains. Who knows what the mite infestation did down there, what with giant centipedes and ticks?

18th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A pow wow is organized with the kobolds who are relieved at the defeat of their mite tormentors. There is some dissension between Chief Sootscale and Shaman Tartuk, with Tartuk saying working with the outsiders was a mistake and will bring down more punishment. Chief Sootscale, in a fit of anger, destroys the statue, and when none of them are struck down from the heavens, turns on Tartuk, who turns invisible after cursing all present. In his absence, the afternoon is consumed by a feast of frivolity and union, as the members involved share games, meat, and quality kobold “herbal pipe smokes”.
The party thanks them for the declared union of peace- which entitles the kobolds to the entirety of their area of the map as being their province, with a promise of non intervention by the human settlers who may come. Also, a trading area is to be set up so that humans and kobolds can share resources peaceably. Business concluded, the party departs.

19th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A particularly shallow crossing is found across the Thorn River, just north of the fork in the water where the river splits.

20th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A spider infested fangberry thicket is discovered, and Bokken is going to be happy because the party braved the infestation to get him a whole bucket’s worth of the tastiest of berries. He’ll be willing to talk discount, now.

21st of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Travel continues northwards, along the river, though nothing of note is discovered other than a rickety bridge. The party is approaching in the direction of the bandits’ Thorn River camp.

22nd of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
A dark day begins, as the bandits are scouted and ambushed- only five apparently remaining in the camp. Three are drawn out by a clever ruse, as Tobias lures them with an amazing bluff concerning there being gold stolen from a giant to the south- a rumour the bandits confirm having heard about, and are greedy enough to believe. They may have planned on getting the drop on Tobias after getting the gold, but the drop is instead on them. Most of the bandits are slain in the ensuing battle, although one just barely manages to escape the fray. Two are left alive- one whom is killed afterwards by Vitrius in a powerful sleeper hold, and the other is held for questioning. Torture is employed by Tobias and Vitrius to get the answers they seek, and the bandit spills everything he knows, including the location of the Stag Lord’s camp to the southeast, and a ‘passcode’ needed to get in. Pleading for his life, and then to at least be killed quickly and not maimed to Finch, his second prayers are answered as she argues furiously with Vitrius and Tobias for the bandit’s life, and manages to prevent his severe maiming. Instead, her refutations instead at least earn the bandit a swift, instantaneous death.
Vitrius leaves a message, the other bandit receiving funeral rites… and then horrifically flaying the dead bandit’s skin in a grisly display next to the other bandits’ bodies. Mason and Finch are perturbed by their companions, to say the least. Vitrius pays ‘silence money’ to Finch to not tell Yuvitza about what happened.

23rd of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
Heading east back into the hills, the party finds a previously undiscovered vein of gold ore which could be developed into a proper gold mine, given time and effort!

24th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR
The party rejoins Yuvitza at the now purified Sycamore tree, which shows sign of regrowth already beginning as spring continues to spread across the Greenbelt.

700 XP each (stopping bandits, making peace with the kobolds, exploration).
Delicious bucket of fangberries.

“So we’ll fight them as they’re unconscious. I like it.”
“I think he’ll be fine.” “But he’s got HANDS!”
“No misunderstandings under the open sky!”
“How about acrobatics?” “That’s more for Muggles.”
“Sometimes, dogs are brown.”
“These don’t turn on plants.” “We have to handle this bush delicately.”
“Do I control you, Tobias?” “No.” “He answered obediently…”
“It’s a QUIET promise!”

Session 4 - Dealing With Vermin
In which our party handles vermin, both immense and tiny

14th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The smoke from the logs cause enough of a commotion that the mites send a few out to douse the flames. Rushing in, the party takes a few of them unawares, and follows up with some magical smog of their own- Yuvitza’s mists shrouding the party as they clear up the entrance and establish themselves once more in front.

Spending time before nightfall, they make an embankment right around the entrance so that they have maximum advantage. No mites appeared to make it out any mystery side tunnels, apparently planning instead for a last ditch effort in raising their ‘God’, the Gragnoc. Lurking within, and summoned by a mite’s death, a monstrous centipede is roused- the party distracted from the chanting by a rush of weakened mites storming the front tunnel.

The Gragnoc proves to be a powerful beast, but outnumbered- Vitrius and Tobias only barely avoiding unconsciousness or worse from it’s mighty jaws and poisoned mandibles. Eventually being pummeled and hewn into ichor-covered bits, the head is mounted atop the tunnel, minus the mandibles which are claimed as trophies.

A good night’s sleep follows. The mites are cowed.

15th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The mites are rounded up, helplessly accepting their fate as their most powerful creature has already been defeated. They appear to be stunned, having not thought it possible to slay the Gragnoc lurking in their tunnels. Tied up, mite to mite, they are forced to march towards Oleg’s for sentencing- the party unwilling to leave them as they are, or to slay them outright. They are joined by a very weak kobold, Mikmek, who recovers his strength from being a tortured captive.

16th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Late that evening, the party arrives just after dark at Oleg’s Trading post just as a cold wind picks up, one of Pharasma’s chilling breaths. Kesten Garess greets them at the gate, opening it wide for them as the mites are shuffled into temporary internment inside the stable. Though raising an eyebrow over the whole affair, when questioned about legal possibilities, he raises that if they are not to be executed for their crimes, they can instead be shipped to the Gronzi Forest in eastern Brevoy in the service of a logging work camp instead. There, they will be fed and sheltered, but have their punishment taken out in the form of hard labour. At a loss for better alternatives, the party takes it.

Rewards and Loots

  • Each character gains 740xp from defeating Gragnoc and the mites.
  • Each character has 2000XP total now- leveling up for the first time! Hurray!
Session 3- Tickleback
In which our party attempts to extend the hand of peace to the Sootscale tribe

8th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The party ventures forth from their rest at Oleg’s Trading Post, treading eastwards across the chilled plains of the northern Greenbelt. Their intent is to chart their way southeast, as their limited intel on the kobold encampment is that it its… ‘somewhere’… in that direction. A missive from Restov, brought with Garess’s guards, sends word that compensation is available for whosoever ends the recent ‘restlessness’ of the kobold tribe in the region via diplomacy or the sword. As part of an eventual occupation, the party as a whole is in agreement that peace is preferable to war with an indigenous tribe, and as Tobias points out, more allies against bandits in the region (or in general) is useful!
For their first act of improving the eventual transit system, markers are set up around the vicinity to the southeast where a giant trapdoor spider’s lair is discovered. Narrowly avoiding stumbling into the beast, they back off from its bone-strewn home and using rocks, pitch, and (at Yuvitza’s insistence, because all parts of the animal must be used) boar hide, manage to make crude signifiers that travelers had best take a long way around. This was one giant creature that for now can be simply avoided.
Tobias tries to impress Yuvitza with the fact that he donated money to the Bydon family regarding Happs’s handless condition. Half-orcs gotta stick together. Ambiguous notions as to whether Mason sleeps in the nude begin. Nobody is checking the sleeping bag to find out.

9th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

After stretching their limbs, they spend a quiet day scouting the north eastern corner of their charter across unsettled plainsland.. except for the discovery of a solitary hut next to a copse of trees where Bokken, the potion-maker, spends his days. Bokken looks and sounds like a guy who samples a bit too much of the potion and really should know an alchemical solution for soap. Despite some hard bargaining by Vitrius, Finch, and Tobias, Bokken will not give a discount unless they buy large quantities all at once, though if they do wind up becoming “Fangberry Juice” enablers- I mean, providers for him, he may be interested in paying them in cheap potions. The party left, hastily avoiding the story of how he lost his left ring finger.

10th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

An uneventful day charting the plains.

11th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

They can see the foothills to the south welling up, though, and make camp before hitting them. Their snooze in the night is broken by the sound of wolf howls, and soon enough they realize a pack of wolves intends to make meat out of them! The party says “pfah!” to this, and rolls to a defensive position with the fire at their backs, and allows the wolves to engage them. They are clearly starving for a good meal after a long, hard winter, and though a few bites get through the party manages to slay or drive off the rest. Mason is somewhat morose over the death of his summoned fire beetle, as he was misled about the name- not one ounce of fire breathing from those loyal mandibles before getting eaten.

Everyone else is just glad that at least this time, Mason was wearing armor under that sleeping bag.

12th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Crossing into hilled regions as they skirt the eastern region of their charter, everyone sets foot along the edge of the Shrike River. Looking southwest, they can see a lone building and what appears to be some form of crossing- the Shrike itself is not an easy crossing, especially to lone swimmers and certainly any traders with any amount of goods. Upon approach it is revealed that the building itself is somewhat burned down, and the ferry itself in ruins- though a rusted bell remains, claiming to ‘Ring for Service’, though from who is not apparent. A sign says “Nettles’ Crossing”, though there is no Nettles to be found- a matter soon rectified as the bell is rung, and Nettles himself rises from a watery grave, standing atop the swiftly moving river to proclaim his need for a body. The Stag Lord, he claims, slew him, and he demands The Stag Lord’s body so that he can know his revenge. The party, clearly both afraid and/or mistrustful of the undead ranseur-wielding ferryman, decide to say as a whole, “Sure!”. They’re probably going to be taking out the Stag Lord anyway, so it’s no skin off their nose. Vitrius wrinkles his brow in consternation; the undead are no-good unnaturals, no matter what remnants of their former selves remain.

Upon agreement, Davik Nettles sinks into the water and melts away. Everyone manages to cross on horseback through the water and the powerful beasts slog it through, nobody exceptionally faithful in the worn-looking ferry cable. After a break from the cold water slog, everyone warms up and continues on. Davik Nettles’ ragged skeleton, washed up against the rocks down the river, watches as only an unmoving, unblinking skull can, a bony reminder of the lawlessness in the region.

13th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The kobold caves are finally discovered at what appears to be an old Taldane silver mine- no doubt abandoned because Taldan is very far to the south, and the profit margins involved in shipping ore such a far distance from a wild, un-civilized area were minimal at best. Gated up with an iron barred front door, the kobolds aren’t taking any chances letting the Tall Folk in. Even Finch. The meeting is superimposed with the beaten whimperings of a captured mite, stuffed in a cage as a warning to other mites not to mess with the kobolds. As early diplomacy reveals, the kobolds have had a war with their gremlin neighbors to the northwest for many weeks now, with both sides battling back and forth. Clearly this is a source of kobold discontent in the region, as neither side is overwhelmingly more powerful than the other.

Striking up diplomacy, Vitrius refuses to speak unless it’s to deal with the Chief, rather than bandying words around with underlings who can’t make decisions. Their crusty Chief Sootscale appears, soberly assessing the Tall Ones who have appeared on his doorstep, claiming words of ‘diplomatic friendship’. His attitude is unfriendly but not entirely dismissive- if they can prove they hold Sootscale interests at heart, he says, then the Sootscales will have reason to sit down and speak of the terms of a peace between their peoples. To this effect, he commands that their allegiance can only be had for the price of one stolen idol- the mites having made off with their devilishly themed lizard totem less than a week past, which has demoralized the kobolds.

Not only agreeing with this, Vitrius decides to do one better and interrupts our resident charitable donator Tobias Dark (who was feeding plantain chips to the mite who proved too pitiable to ignore), via punching the mite in the face, dragging it out of the cage, and then snapping its neck with his teeth. The Sootscales are impressed with this emphatic show of support, though the quest for the idol remains the true test. Yuvitza looks very uneasy at this graphic show of bloodshed.

14th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Crossing to the northwest, the hills reveal the Old Sycamore- a huge tree that towers within the hills as the largest tree for miles around. Along the way, Foosa slinks around the bodies of kobold and mite alike, the remnants of a war in miniature.

After finding the secret entry hidden amongst the roots, the party decides it is prudent to not just charge in- and instead scope out the situation, revealing mites hiding in the tunnel. This starts a back and forth of trying to get the mites to come out, to which they invariably reply with expletives. Single combat is arranged between Vitrius and their ‘champion’, which is revealed to be a giant tick, named Tickleback, with a mite named Grabbles riding atop the beast. Despite his valiant efforts, Vitrius is pretty heavily chomped by the giant insect, at which point single combat becomes dogpile- Finch using her rocking out skills to slide beneath it’s legs and stab it in the sensetives, and Mason destroying it’s neck region with his claymore.

Staggering back, bleeding from the chest, Vitrius demands healing, only to be given it in a cautionary manner by Yuvitza, who asks that in trade, their commander in chief take a little more time to consider his plans with his partners before simply charging in with his first plan. The warrior coughs up some blood and agrees.

A grisly, grisly puppet show follows, which is insufficient in goading the mites, until the party pretends to leave. They nab a mite when he comes out to pilfer the bodies of the dead, and then ply him with alcohol and beatings to get him to talk. Apparently, there are thirty mites in there, along with the mites’ God, and they are not coming out. This is when logs start burning, smoke starts fuming, and the wood is rolled just inside the entrance to the Old Sycamore.

Rewards and Loots

  • Each character receives 800 XP (Exploration, wilderness creatures, mites)
  • The wolves were skinned for meat- everybody got several days worth of protein.

Quotable Quotes

“I didn’t kill anything.” “You wounded it!” “Doesn’t matter.”
“I thought we rang the bell for SERVICE.”
“He MITE have known!” various groans

Session 2 - Sally Forth
In which our party learns how the number of participants can affect the outcome of battle

4th of Pharasma (March), 4710AR

While Tobias is away ensuring that Happs Bydon doesn’t swerve around to run back to his camp and alert his fellow bandits, the rest of the party is beginning their mapping of the region in a southwestern-ish direction, approaching the Greenbelts’ woods… and hopefully, the bandit camp promised on their crudely drawn map.

Before leaving, Oleg and Svetlana implore the party with two separate missions but the same goal- to make eachother happier. Oleg’s task seems the more difficult of the two, as his request to find his wife’s engraved wedding ring may prove to be like finding a needle in a haystack; it is quite possible the bandits no longer have the ring via sale, trade, or if it is forgotten on the ground somewhere. Svetlana’s request is more attainable- to the south, there is a radish patch a traveler told her about with spicy moonradishes. Moonradish stew is Oleg’s favourite dish- and Svetlana hopes to improve his dour mood as of late with a tasty reminder that their troubles are over.

The first day is a simple excursion as the environs around Oleg’s trading post are simple grassland where Yuvitza begins to supply the party with freshly caught deer. The northern edge of the Greenbelt’s woods are no match for such fine hunting skill!

5th of Pharasma (March), 4710AR

Just within the edge of the forest, the moonradish patch is discovered soon enough- the spicy aroma not only noticed by the party, but by a band of kobolds who have gorged themselves sick on the raw vegetables. They leap to alarm at the approach of hooves, levying unsteady spears as they demand the party leave ‘their’ radish patch. Vitrius assures them candidly that he will not be taking any of their radishes which prevents the kobolds from attacking, although their mood may have differed had they known Finch Cloudkicker (that scamp!) was already packing a basket of radishes in secret. In strained diplomatic conversation, the party learn that the kobolds are from a ‘Sootscale’ tribe somewhere to the east, and the kobolds learn a fictional moonradish recipe based on radishes, cut up vines, and red dirt meant to form some kind of soup.

6th of Pharasma (March), 4710AR

The bandit camp is found on the third day out from Oleg’s, just across a shallow stretch of the Thorn River. The trees are not so thick as to completely obscure the camp, and so Finch scouts forward with Foosa on immediate ‘drag me to safety’ call if things get too dicey. There appear to be eight bandits, one of whom is a belligerent sounding woman who it can safely be assumed is the current leader of the group with how she throws her weight around. Finch’s assessment of the camp is cut short as despite her sneakiness, it is the bandit woman who sneaks up on her- with a hatchet!

Finch escapes, and Vitrius strides forward to engage in diplomacy, which despite his impressive rack of headgear made out of a stag’s skull and antlers, does not go so well. The crass woman quickly rejects any semblance of civility, as her bandits launch a volley of arrows at her beck and call. Wounded, Vitrius retreats to rally his party, but despite their combined abilities, the bandits simply prove too numerous. Their range advantage with the longbows cements the turnabout compared to the ambush the party held on Happs back at Oleg’s a few days ago- and it is only thanks to a well timed Entanglement spell by Yuvitza that the party escapes. Vitrius’s horse, Pookie, also proved invaluable in dragging a near-dead paladin to safety after a failed attempt to grab the silver stag-head amulet the bandit leader has around her neck. First Happs, now this woman… how many of these silver stag amulets are there, and what is their meaning?

Booking it, the party makes it back to Oleg’s in a hurry, and were fortunately not followed….

7th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

In the wee hours of the morn, Oleg and Svetlana are awoken by the pounding on the trading post’s gate, allowing them in so that the Mason- using scavenged herbs to make poultices for Vitrius’ wounds- and Svetlana can administer needed first aid. Exhausted, the party sleeps- wounded, but whole.

The next day is a day of rest as everyone tends to their wounds, which are speedily pushed along by sleeping in beds and even more importantly by Yuvitza and Mason’s curative druid magic. While the rest of the party takes their time recovering, Yuvitza takes her Foosa hunting and returns with an impressive stag, whereas Mason does the same for a clutch of rabbits (and incidentally a great number of fist-sized rocks)- Svetlana is quite appreciative of these additions to the larder, and makes ready to create Moonradish stew, with choice venison and rabbits in tow.

While the two druids are hunting, Oleg’s long sought-after guardsmen aid arrives, as Kesten Garess and three soldiers show up to provide temporary bodyguard duty at the trading post itself. This is of some relief to the party who had been concerned about the trading couples’ health while the party is away. The somewhat broody and morose Lieutenant Garess gets the scoop from them as to what is going on in the area and assures them that they’ll keep an eye on the post, at which point the guardsmen set up a tent encampment along the west side of the trading post’s wall. Tobias also shows up, having chased off Happs Bydon in full to the north, and settles in for a good feast- trail rations are not the tastiest.

That night, the Moonradish stew is enjoyed by all (except for Vitrius who abstains and subsists only on the venison). Finch abstains from general partying about the fireplace and puts her abundant halfling charms to work seducing Guardsmen Reeves outside in a suddenly private tent.

Rewards and Loots

  • Each character receives 300 XP (Quests, exploration, surviving)
  • The party now receives free room and board at Oleg’s
  • Yuvitza received a couple of gold for the deer antlers / hide. Bartering!
  • The Mason has two treatment’s worth of healing herbs for first aid poultices (+1 HP made from first aid healing, +2 to heal checks made while using).
Session 1- Out From Restov
In which our party gains their charter and sets their first example for the Greenbelt bandits.

Part 1- A Social in Restov

Our game begins in the small city of Restov in Rostland, the southern regions of the nation of Brevoy. Vitrius’s mentor, a paladin named Godfred Lambert, has put in the good word for him on a business initiative the local Swordlords have brought up to secure the nation’s southern borders: exploring, charting, and expelling banditry in the Greenbelt and it’s surrounding environs. He is joined by his friend Finch Cloudkicker, as well as three who were hired on for the job- a self-professed nameless dwarf who allows himself to be called Mason; a somewhat solitary half-orc druid named Yuvitza with a Foosa for a pet; and a lone ranger with a barely suppressed blood lust named Tobias Dark.

At a social event announcing the campaign, they are presented with their charter as well as given encouragement by their sponsor- Count Rocca Marina, a well-meaning dandy who nevertheless seems to know everyone who knows anyone. The foosa successfully gets dinner, Finch gets loaded to the gills on booze, and Vitrius winks at a married baroness.

Deciding to get an early start, Vitrius antagonizes Maegar Varn, a fellow adventuring leader, with a shove from his horse. Despite his assertions of competency, Maegar is currently all talk. Passed by another group, the Iron Wraiths (silent and well armored as their namesake), the party hops a carriage and horseback and sets off to Oleg’s Trading Post, where their charter begins. Along the way, they meet Robert who despite being rather taciturn, knows his cheese and liberally shares his cheap smokes.

Part 2- Oleg’s Trading Post

Arriving at an old fort that has been converted into a trading post in the southern reaches of Brevoy, Oleg’s proves to be an out of the way locale primarily reserved for trading furs, cheeses, and other such goods- adventuring gear is available but not in high supply. What is in supply is bandits, however- Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana Leveton were expecting soldiers, but got an adventuring company. Bitterly complaining about the beaurocracy, Oleg nevertheless accepts the party’s help- Vitrius assures him, stamping out banditry is part of their mandate in the region.

Vitrius immediately shows his knowledge of tactics by planning an ambush for the bandits fourth return to rob the trading post, and despite the danger, Oleg is sick of his wife and his business being threatened, and goes along with it. The risk seems minimal with five able warriors at beck and call.

Inside, Svetlana proves to be a sweet woman and makes them a dinner of venison, while conversing with Finch and Yuvitza, before the party beds down for the night. There is some altercation over Mason sleeping in the stables, and Tobias proves most manly by sleeping upright, outside, with blades out and eyes open.

The next day the plan goes into motion- Svetlana’s flaming axe ignites an explosive, Robert (Bob) springs from hiding to close the outpost’s gate, and Oleg gets some revenge via well-thrown axe to Happs Bydon’s chest- striking an impressive blow to the leader of this band. The party as a whole quickly overwhelms the under-manned and stunned bandits, taking only Happs captive. With a bad-cop / slightly less bad-cop routine, Vitrius extracts a description and crude map of the bandit camp’s location. Happs keeps his life- but Tobias takes his hands, setting the tone for how banditry will be dealt with in the Greenbelt. Not everyone is pleased with the level of this brutality, and Happs (hap-less, at this point) is run off into the north so he cannot warn his fellow bandits.

Oleg is happy his establishment is saved for now, and manages a small reward to the party in the form of honey, lamp oil, and a few pieces of equipment. Svetlana is pleased as well, though mildly traumatized by her first exposure to brutal combat. As Tobias returns from the north, the party begins to make ready to explore the Greenbelt- specifically, to make a bee-line for the bandit base located on Happs’ map.

Rewards and Loots

  • Each character receives 160 XP
  • Mason received a brown mare in Restov
  • Yuvitza received one of the bandit’s horses at Oleg’s
  • Finch took Happs’ moneybage of 35 gp.

The bandits had….

  • 3 short swords
  • 1 dagger
  • 3 longbows
  • 1 composite longbow (+2 Str)
  • 4 leather armors (poor condition)
  • 80 arrows
  • A silver stag-head amulet
  • 8 days worth of trail rations
  • 35 gold pieces

Oleg rewarded them with…

  • 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • 10 jars of honey
  • 2 casks of lamp oil
  • A wooden shield
  • 25 gold pieces
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