A shy, outcast druid


Yuvitza is a half-orc druid, wielding her oaken staff and with her young cat Foosa proudly curled near her feet.


Yuvitza was an outcast from her orcish brethren, as she grew up believing their brutal methods were untenable for her to model from. Leaving them, she grew up as an outcast amongst nature, and there learned the mystic arts nature had to provide.

Yuvitza then joined up with the founders of Redemption for unknown reasons- though speculation is that, as an outcast, she was seeking to explore and create bonds with other humanoid creatures. Often the most peaceable of the group, her warm heart and skilled plant-magic was of great use as they charted the northern reaches of the Greenbelt, and defeated the Stag Lord and his band.

Shortly afterwards, she felt that it was time for her to move on, and with newfound enlightenment, she turned into a bird and flew away, leaving equipment and sundries for her friends to use in their journey.


Kingmaker Yuvitza