Vitrius began his religious training as a scribe(albeit a disappointing one)
His order did not allow it’s clerics to marry, but in secret he had a wife and infant son. He kept this secret for but a short time before his correspondences with her were intercepted. The head of his order confronted him about this. Out of fear he struck the master and fled the monastery.

Unfortunately the order had dispatched mercenaries, and they beat him there by a day. Upon Vitrius’ arrival he found his wife and infant son dead. Clutched in her death grip was the emblem of the mercenaries who had done this.

His will broken, he left and wandered into the hazy depths of drunken despair. But through this haze a shining hand reached through and guided him onto the path of purpose. It was in a tavern that Godfrey Lambert found Vitrius. He gave him the purpose of the Paladins of Caiden Cailien.

Now Vitrius is refocused, infused with the confidence granted by having nothing left to lose. He has vowed to never let the innocent suffer, not when he can help it. He has a particular hatred for Bandits and Mercenaries guided only by profits with no morals.

When contacted to scout a new area he was initially wary, but when told his primary function would be liberating the area from bandits he was committed fully.

His quest begins alongside his new friend Finch. Their love of alcohol brought them together initially, but their love of adventure keeps them together. Vitrius believes that she is but a human child, not recognizing halflings for what they are. He has a strong protective instinct for Finch and would rush into harms way to save her.

Vitrius’ mind became unraveled after his first loss. He and his new companions fought a bandit group, diplomacy having failed. He was the first to fall having come in alone as a distraction for Finch to escape the predicament she was in. This loss disheartened him. He had never before fallen in combat and felt untouchable. As his wounds worsened he lay in a bed, helpless against his thoughts. He imagined dark and terrible things, his past rising up to threaten once more. Once the fever passed however, madness left his mind and he was left with all his darkest thoughts laid bare before him.

These revelations followed him in coming encounters. No matter how hard he tried to maintain the calm merciful demeanor of a paladin, he found his darkness buried any notions of mercy. While he still feels a deep affinity for Caiden Cailien, he is having doubts that the path of the paladin is right for him.
After ripping the throat out of a Mite with his teeth simply to prove a point, he realized that his darkness is over-riding any sense of mercy that he’s had. The painful truth of what kind of monster he’s become is driving Vitrius mad. How far he’ll give in to his darkness remains to be seen.

At least that’s what he told the rest of the party.

All that his companions knew about Vitrius was a lie. He was not a crusader for good, Nor was he truly a Paladin. His dark overlord had commanded Vitrius to search for a cursed amulet of great power. That amulet happened to be in the possession of the Stag Lord, so when he heard of an expedition heading out that way he used all his devious means to lead the party.
As they stood over the body of the stag lord Vitrius found what he sought. As he put on the amulet his wounds were healed. Seeing his advantage he attacked the rest of the party, nearly succeeding in their deaths.
In the end as he lay mortally wounded he would not risk them prying information from him about his masters. He took one of Finch’s daggers and stabbed himself in the heart, shouting “It was all a lie”.
And thus ended the story of Vitrius.


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