Tobias Dark

A mean looking half-orc


Tall, lean, muscle. He might be half-orc, but he’s all-man. His head is often shaved except for a small mohawk, if anything, and on occasion has been known to sport chops.


Tobias Dark is a former mercenary who latched on with Vitrius’ crew for both his muscle and his skill at tracking in the wilderness. Though at times brutal, he counters this nature with uncommon donations of charity.

Though he slew the Stag Lord, his loyalty came into question when he refused to part with the Asmodean artifact the bandit carried around his neck. This pushed him out of the party after Vitrius’ death at his own hands by Finch’s mistrust, though trust was restored when it was discovered he was able to give it up on his own- and in the process, uprooted a cult back in Restov.

Returning to Redemption, he currently serves in the administrative-light task of Headsman, or the Head Master (as a morbid joke). Should anyone need official execution for high crimes against the state, everyone knows who’s going to be doing it- this guy.

Spends a lot of time hunting, otherwise, or sharing a brew at Murderpub as its patron. Hist latest notable deed was defending the brothel from a giant owlbear.

Tobias Dark

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