Svetlana Leveton

A sweet woman who listens well


Svetlana is a round-faced, plain looking woman who radiates an air of gentleness, and keeps her hair tucked back in a practical manner. Where once she had an apron, she has a better apron with more pockets for a wider variety of affairs of state to reside, such as paper, ink, and the like.


Svetlana is a sweet woman who leaves most of the business aspects to Oleg and instead makes the company or traders feel at home. She is an accomplished cook, but no waif, as her and Oleg together handle all the chores around the Trading Post. She had never before seen bloodshed and is unsettled by it’s first appearance in her life, but thankful that they appear unlikely to be the victim of armed robbery again.

Her friendly ear was called upon to serve on the council of Redemption as its Councilor to represent the will of the people, and doing what she can to soothe tensions as they arise. With the victory over the trolls to the south, what little spare finances remain are being organized by Svetlana into a winter festival honouring the triumph over the year’s challenges.

She is friendly towards the rest of the council, particularly Finch and Joan, though is glad that she almost never crosses Tobias’s path. She misses Yuvitza, but has hope that she has found what she was looking for. She is frustrated by her strong dislike of Grigori, because as Councilor she is often the first face trying to quell any public discontent which he appears (but cannot be proven) to be involved with.

Svetlana Leveton

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