The Stag Lord

Bandit leader


Once upon a time he was a big, drunken, muscular man with brown hair, brown eyes, and a lot of scars hidden beneath the layers of animal hide he wore. Currently, his skeleton is somewhere at the bottom of the Shrike River. Most of it, anyways.


The leader of the Greenbelt bandits was killed in the spring of 4710 AR, freeing the region from its centralized banditry. Known to have killed Davik Nettles at his ferry up the Shrike River (at least as reported by Nettles’ undead corpse). Known lieutenants were Happs Bydon (hands chopped off and forced north back into Brevoy), Kressle (killed at the Stag Lord’s side), Dovan (fled the scene of the battle), and Sean Bean (who turned on the Stag Lord). The number of bandits he commanded was unknown, but seemed to number at least twenty on a regular basis, and likely more. Many were killed, the remainder fled.

Little was known of his past, though it seems unlikely that it was fit for polite company. Most men do not keep their druidic fathers locked in the basement.

The bandit lord was killed in battle by Tobias Dark.

The Stag Lord

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