Sean Bean

Paladin turned thug turned captain of the guard


A brown haired, handsome man with a sad smile. He is a former paladin of Erastil who served faithfully… until a bad experience with a former lover cast him into disgrace, ending in him fleeing town with his reputation and faith in tatters. Finding his way as more sensible muscle in a den of thieves, the depressed man went by the name “Akiros Ismort” (a name he found in a book of heroes) while in the service of the Stag Lord, and yet never was comfortable there. It took being roused by their fort being under attack for Sean to rise to his better nature again, and aid the heroes of the day. Turning over a new leaf (and returning to his old ways), Sean watched over the keep while the party explored the Greenbelt, an act he does to this day, remaining on as Captain of the Guard for Redemption’s castle- a name he finds apt.


Sean Bean

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