Elven Mage.


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Saarthal is a sun elf from a far away land. His distant land is cut off from the rest of the world by a magic shroud. Individuals may leave the shroud, but they may never come back. Inside the magic zone sun elves do not age, they have true immortality. Saarthal gave up his peaceful homeland for the opportunity to see how the mortal races lived, a passion he has had from a young age.
When Saarthal first entered the mortal realm he spent ten years wandering, gaining insight and understanding of the humans ways. Though that time was for naught as he never came to understand humans and their odd ways. He speant the next twenty years doing various forms of mercenary work, before count Rocha Marina hired him to be a special agent.
He now works only for Count Rocha Marina, his official title “Diplomat” would not be considered completely accurate by all. A more accurate description would be that he is a problem solver.
He has an easy manner, slow to anger, quick to forgive. But that does not mean he is a pushover.

When Vitrius wrote the count last, the letter had disturbing content. Saarthal was dispatched to the greenbelt, his assignment to aid the party as an advisor and wizard. On his sturdy mount Moonlight he sets out hoping to meet them at Olegs Trading Post.

After a meeting filled with magic, Saarthal has introduced himself to the party. His gaze was immediately pulled towards Yuvitza however. He politely made himself helpful to the party and followed where they went.

After the parties initial combative exchanges Saarthal proved his worth, slaying many enemies with streams of liquid fire from his palms and streaks of dangerous energies.

In a brief moment of calm, Saarthal had the chance to acquire a mandolin, which he used to compose a ballad. This song was entitled “The Ballad of Yuvitza” He performed it well, though the subject of his attentions was confused by his display. Orchish sensibilities did not catch the subtle melodic desires imparted by elvish love songs.

And though he has tried many times with various mean, Saarthal has still not won Yuvitza over.

When Yuvitza left the party he was heart-broken and distracted himself with the hardships of the road.

As the party founded a true civilization Saarthal became the natural leader as he was more thoughtful and less hot-headed than his companions.

He has become increasingly more reclusive as time goes by, shutting himself in the castle’s dungeons, engaging in controversial magical experiments. Screams issue from the dungeon, though his companions have no idea what it is he seeks.

While visiting the old Bell Dame Saarthal’s intense fear of scarecrows became immediately apparent.

He has developed a tenuous friendship with his party, most notably with Finch who he cannot understand, though he wishes he could.

His love for non-humans has become the obsession of his life.


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