Reeves Falgrim

A young man-at-arms


He looks like a stubbled Keanu Reeves at age twenty-nine. He is average height, muscled, with an honest face and brown hair, with blue eyes. His arm bears a toothy scar from the jaws of a winter wolf.


Reeves began his employment as a guard in Restov, making him a rising star in the Falgrim family, which was ordinarily on hard times. Where Reeves’ brother Donathon turned to larceny, Reeves instead turned to the law, wanting to make something of himself, and he lucked into being one better than a bouncer.

Though a qualified guardsman, Reeves didn’t really start to get serious about life until his Captain, Kesten Garess, met his death. Promoted to Captain in Garess’s place, Reeves grew a bit less flaky though no less handsome to Finch, who took him on as her most frequent partner of choice. Their relationship began simply, affectionate in its way, with little responsibility or forethought. Over time, they have fallen in love with one another, with him admiring Finch’s free spirit and creative zest, and he standing as her first steady rock in a long history of instability.

He has stepped up to the plate as the General of Redemption’s militia and capably commanded his men in an inspiring manner to victory over the troll incursion to the south, though his tactics relied more on bravery in the face of a larger threat than cunning ruses. With his city safe and lover both safe, Reeves will continue to hold the line and let his heart guide him.

Reeves Falgrim

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