Oleg Leveton

Gruff and business-minded trading post owner


A large, stocky man in his early fifties whose hair has gone white, and who usually bears a scowl.


Former retailer, current Treasurer of Redemption. Oleg owns the trading post that goes by his own name, out on the south-western reaches of Brevoy as a means of being as far away from dense bureaucracy as he can. Mostly dealing with trappers, hunters, and travellers, his operation is relatively small but does not have any competition in the area. He is joined by his wife Svetlana, the sun to his rain cloud, and is very protective of her.

By self description, he is a former soldier, and picked up enough basic combat skills that he was very capable in nearly felling Happs, his tormentor, in one blow with a mighty toss of a throwing axe. He apparently did not find soldiering to his liking and instead moved on to business. That he is doing as well as he does in this relatively isolated area is testament to his good business acumen.

He is friendly towards the PC’s (in his gruff way) as they have stopped the bandits from robbing him yet again, and especially so in light of promoting him to be in charge of the barony’s treasury. Though he visits regularly, he is no longer in daily charge of his trading post which is booming as a stopping point on the way to Redemption. He dislikes the kobolds due to his history with them being a problem before the Stag Lord, but keeps a lid on it for the sake of peace.

Oleg Leveton

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