Joan Khavken

A redeemed priestess of Erastil


A tall, middle aged woman with short, practical hair and a kind, reserved demeanor.


The High Priest of Redemption is a woman who needed some saving, herself. Having killed a man for having been a werewolf without just cause- in fact, he was no werewolf, but he was a spy by complete happenstance. If not for this technicality, she would have been excommunicated; instead, she was exiled. Wandering away from her parish near Stoneclimb in Brevoy, she eventually found a call to the Stolen Lands, where she encountered Vitrius and his crew for the first time. The second time she encountered the group, it was under new management with Sarthaal in the woods, after having uncovered the ancient Temple of the Elk.

Retiring there for months to contemplate, restore, and meditate, she found herself more at peace with what had happened in her life, and heeded the request of Redemption to become it’s High Priestess, once more becoming Mother to a parish. This time, with the intent on being more cautious. She clashes on occasion with Bolivar over how far Redemption’s urbanization may go, and gets along well with Mason- despite many allusions, the two have no romantic interest in one another. For another matter, she served as an acolyte during his wedding.

Joan Khavken

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