Godfred Lambert

Paladin of Cayden Cailien


Godfred Lambert is a blackguard, and as such presumably has a very Asmodean styled suit of plate mail somewhere, although thus far he has only been seen in normal, if high quality, plate mail. He has grey hair (streaked with blonde), and some small amount of clawed facial scarring. He looks to be in his late fifties, and extremely fit for his age.


How he presented himself:
A member of the old guard of Cayden Cailean, Godfred drinks less than most of their order (he doesn’t handle it as well as he did in his youth) and instead handles more of the mentoring aspects of the faith. He could probably be running his own chapter, and is well-respected, but instead believes that training the youth is where the real reward of his faith lies.

How he actually was:
A blackguard serving Asmodeus, Godfred was in charge of the local chapter of the hated devil-worshippers. His cult was rounded up due to the failure of one of his vassals- Vitrius- which tipped Finch, Mason, Tobias, and Yuvitza off. Sending the information back to Restov created quite a stir, which ended when Godfred was drawn out by the lure of an Asmodean artifact that Tobias returned with (it has since been destroyed by Count Rocca’s cleric of choice).

He was placed under inquisition by the Swordlords of Restov, in order to locate other threats to national security, but to Count Rocca’s embarrassment, broke out via the intervention of some emergency imps, and retreated to a hidden Chelaxian outpost from ages past on Candlemere Isle. Though clearly a threat to the party, he appears to favour diplomatic routes and deals when possible. This did not save him, however, from Sarthaal’s sudden betrayal, and in the aftermath is presumed dead in the rubble of the destroyed outpost.

Nobody’s seen a body, though, so nobody believes the DM if he tells them that Godfred is dead.

Godfred Lambert

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