Finch Cloudkicker

Sassy little halfling rogue with a sunny disposition


2.5 ft tall, bushy auburn hair, bright limestone eyes


One could debate that Finch has had bad luck in the past. She would often disagree, deciding to look more on the lighter side of life.

As a child, she was sold into slavery, as most halflings in her city were. Her master wasnt a particularily kind man. Eventually, frusterated with her lot in life, she attacked her master and set out on her own.

She stowed away on the first ship she found, which just so happened to be run my pirates. She had a decent life there, taken in by the pirate captain she learnt the tricks of the trade.She grew out her hair into an unrully mane, to further seperate her life as a short haired, scrawny slave; to now a bushy haired tanned rogue! Her small size and keen eye affectionally earned her the name Finch Cloudkicker.

As luck would have it, the crew soon mutinied against their captain. Without him keeping her safe, Finch stole a rowboat and for a week, surviving on nothing but the fish she could catch with her barehands, and sometimes using her hair as a net.

Once on the shore, Finch gave up the life of the high seas and piracy and made her way inland.
She moved through the cities quickly. An unbranded halfling so close to the ports was an easy target, and one as cute as her, an easy sale! She quickly made her way underground, rooting her way through a network of caves, avoiding all sorts of unsavory folks, but goblins namely. She picked up their language (as well as some of their coin and food) along the way.

Once of the caves, she tried to make it on her own, and soon found a caravan of elves heading south and stowed away. It wasn’t too difficult, especially after she seduced their prince!

Soon, she made it to Brevoy. Stuck here for a while, she decided to keep busy and make some more gold as to not always be sleeping in holes.

One day, while making her rounds in the pub, drunks being much much easier to pickpocket, she tried to rob Vitrius. The two were fast friends over a pint of mead.

And depending on how much mead, her story often changes. Though one thing is certain:

Finch, having long ago decided to not let the little things get her down, enjoys life. Nothing could be as bad as where she started. Only way to go, is up.

The adventure was a strange one so far. She made new friends, well travelling cohorts, and her bedrolls were never cold, thanks to a guard named reeves. She faught bandits and mites, and giant insects, finding out she had a flare for the macabre by making corpse puppets, and a curiousity for half-orcs in the bedroom. A journey of self-discovery!

Though the journey took a dark turn with a viscious hatchet wound, and soon later with the mutilation of corpses. Finch worried about her companions, especially vitrius. Though she would always have his back, having grown rather fond of him, she was starting to question his state of mind.

That all came to a head at the bandit fort. Vitrius had betrayed them. In the confusion, finch could do nothing but cry out trying to stop him, but not physically doing anything, torn between the loyalties to the man she secretly loved, and her travelling companions who had done nothing wrong. The choice was made for her when vitrius took his own life.

Convinced that magic, or something, robbed her of her dearest friend, she vowed to find out what happened, and to make whoever responsible pay dearly. But at the same time, at a loss. It had been vitrius and finch, watching eachother’s backs. Now she was alone, with three people she had watched him strike down. None the less, when asked, she appointed herself the new leader, taking charge of the little group. It was a good thing finch was used to rolling with the punches, but this one had delt a mighty blow indeed. Staggered, but not down, finch will continue with their mission in the greenbelt. Hopefully some good will come from all of this.

Finch Cloudkicker

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