Count Rocca Marina

A dandy, socialiate, and sponsor


A man of impeccable taste, dressing as the finest of nobility in Brevoy do, which makes him stand out in the borderland city of Restov. His figure is average height and skinny, with his black hair being mid-length and well-kept. His beard looks modelled after the ‘Captain Hook’ style.


Count Rocca Marina is a man of talk and socializing- a member of the upper crust of Restov’s nobility, and the man who sponsored the party’s original efforts in the Greenbelt. He’s the kind of man who wears fake wigs, ruffly shirts, and sounds like he believes he is everyone’s best friend- and while most of this shallow and put-on, one does not get the sense that this is based on any disguised malice.

He has a passion for writing letters and accedes to reasonable requests whenever he can, as politically speaking, being known as the man who can get you what you want is not a bad reputation to have- particularly in Brevoy’s current contentious political climate between the northern and southern portions of the nation. The Count has worked with Sarthaal for a few years, using him on certain jobs as an agent, but the rest of the original group were drawn from different channels.

If the party needs help from Restov, it’s being funneled through this guy, or at least from someone Count Rocca knows- and the Count knows almost everyone.

Count Rocca Marina

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