Chief Sootscale

Kobold chief


Where originally, he wore the bone and feather tribal gear of ages past, Chief Sootscale has now upgraded his clothing, as have many of the Sootscales who emulate him. Looking forward to the future for his kind as a notable part of a larger humanoid kingdom, he has taken the bold choice into wearing… a black coat with white trim. The bones and feathers have remained, albeit reduced in a tasteful manner in his headdress, and of course pants don’t work well on creatures with large tails.


Chief Sootscale extends his name outwards to his tribe, the Sootscales, thus applying the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) doctrine intact. The tribe is doing notably better than in the past when they were a lone group amidst a hostile wilderness. With the mites that plagued them destroyed, and the hostile influence of their cantankerous shaman dispelled, the ordinarily peevish Chief is in better spirits- though all of his suspicious cunning remains.

Chief Sootscale is thus far quite willing to deal with the ‘Shining Ones’ who helped save their village, and especially so in light of the inclusion of kobolds into a larger human community. The trust shown to them via making the Chief the Marshal of all road and wilderness patrols is not lost on them, as is the addition of his niece Sesh-yik as a consort to Baron Sarthaal within the castle proper.

Though currently undeveloped, the mines within Sootscale village are in mild production with a combination of kobold workers and any criminals the kobolds have captured. The Chief isn’t a principled man in regards to his enemies (criminals, in this case): they either work the silver mines, or die.

Chief Sootscale

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