Bolivar Trask

A wizard from the big city


An aged human male who sports a thick beard and set of chops, his hair grey and his eyes beady. He wears red robes with black trim.


Currently serving as Magister of Redemption.

An abjurer specialist wizard who worked in Restov, who has been pressured by Count Rocca into coming out to the ‘boonies of Redemption’ to serve as Magister, directing the development of its institutes of learning, and the go-to guy for any magical queries, studies, or the like. He is not pleased with being away from the access he enjoyed at the research academy back in Restov, and does his job with a lack of drive. Once upon a time a brief fling with Finch seemed to at least put him in marginally good spirits, and the recent addition of more activity and bustle to the growing border town keeps a modicum of enthusiasm alive within him.

He is friends with Oleg, who is similarly an older, serious man, but is annoyed by Joan’s idealization of rural lifestyles.

Bolivar Trask

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