Session 31 - The Nomen Heights

In which the party meets peacefully with the Nomen centaur tribes of the Dunsward plains.

The group flees north out of the city to an empty farmhouse after desperately healing a nearly dead Thune, who will ‘explain himself later’. He explains his brother cursed him, and everyone seems cool with it as it explains the whole ‘live meat’ fascination of Thune’s. They hide in a cave north of the city for awhile, avoiding a spidery ledge, while they recover from the spriggan battle, and presumably stay away from spriggan hunter parties. Also, the bag they stole had an extremely good magical bow, which Thune shot at a raven. The raven was struck, and continued to fly under its own power. Weird.

Riding east, they battle spiders in the hills before the Dunsward, before wandering around looking for the centaur tribes. It isn’t too long before they are encountered, with Alcasta the warband leader circling them and demanding to know their business in centaur land. Brand hides the sword with the Varn family sigil. The bow however is not hidden, and the centaurs all gasp as they realize Thune has Skybolt, an ancient artifact that was stolen by the wily spriggans. In return for the bow’s return, the group will get audience with the centaur chieftain Aelcora, and a feast in their honour.

Amongst the centaur tribal grounds, they await their rewards while Aelcora performs a night ritual to Mother Moon. Thune notices the amount of female centaurs outnumbering the men, and makes several passes at them which make most uncomfortable. Aelcora receives them, and though mildly disdainful, takes her lieutenant Alcasta’s word and allows them hospitality. In the night, Thune sneaks into her tent under the surface cover of being a don juan and gets a peek at a map in the center of the tent with some interesting markings before getting tersely escorted out. The next day at breakfast, Aelcora only grows more nervous as the name Vordakai is mentioned in the book when she reads it, and she informs them that that is an ancient name for a warlord of some renown, feared and dangerous, although details are lost in the annals of hundreds if not thousands of years. More clues may be south, in the Valley of the Dead (Olah-Kakanket in centaur tongue), and Aelcora tensely admits that her daughter has also gone missing.

-Spiders, peaceful contact with the centaurs, and the return of Skybolt (after the feast later that day…) will net the party 9000xp (or 3000xp each).
-They made peaceful contact with the Nomen centaurs.



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