Session 30 - The Great Spriggan Heist

In which spriggans are swindled, clues are uncovered, and Thune reveals his inner animal.

The group investigates the inn, which has a mysterious frozen spriggan, large-sized, and many books by ‘Maester Pendrod’ left behind. Clues such as ‘Nomen’ are carved in the inn door, hints of the name ‘Vordakai- evil centaur god?’, and an account of Willas Gunderson having found an ancient jade bracelet in recent days are written about. They leave the horses and mounts while they go to investigate the garrison. On the way, they find Willas Gunderson’s plundered house, with an inscrutable journal left behind.

At the top of the hill where Varnhold’s garrison lies, they discover it filled with mistrustful spriggan fae who shower them with crossbow bolts. The spriggans claim to have entered Varnhold after the disappearance. Backing out with an injured hostage, they manage to escape only to incur a remaining hostility by shooting one in the face, and retreat to the town’s inn which will serve as a hiding hole while they rest and recuperate.

Waiting until nightfall, with the suspicion that the spriggans have the jade bracelet which is believed to be an important clue in physical form, Brand and Mordu light a fire and taunt the spriggans while Thune helps Finch over the wall, where she can stealthily infiltrate the garrison. She does so, and gets the drop on the spriggan commander, stealing his bag of holding and the spriggan’s treasure’s out from under him before leading him on a chase.

As battle is joined outside the garrison, Thune goes nuts and becomes a half were tiger of sorts, ripping into the weaker spriggans. Brand and a partially enraged Mordu join in, clearing the front ranks. Finch escapes with the ol’ dagger down the tapestry method as Thune busts in to attack commander Agai, who turns huge and starts wailing on him effectively. Thune jumps, lands hard, and leaves hot on the tail of Brand and Finch atop Mordu.


-Investigation and Spriggan battle for 8000xp total (or 2670xp each)
-Commander Agai’s Bag of Holding / Spriggan Plunder
-Maester Pendrod’s books



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