Session 28b - The Flourishing of Solace

In which the fledgling barony grows and grows!

December – March Update 4712 AR

In the months following the winter victory of man over troll, Redemption finishes the barracks and the wooden walls while men and women of the militia go back to their day jobs (most of them) in the newly forming Tradesmen and Smithy districts. More humans, dwarves, and halflings arrive amongst the general populace as Solace expands to encompass up towards Brevoy, finally connecting itself directly to the main country. Those who fell in battle against the trolls are put to rest in Redemption’s new Graveyard. Mordu’s owlbear-trainer arrives and sets to work turning Mordu into a productive citizen for Brand.

March – June Update 4712 AR

Solace expands northeast and southwest into the woods as Corax’s lumber consortium becomes a full logging camp. More farmers settle along the border in the new lands available. Plans are drawn up for signal towers around Solace’s exterior to be put into place. Missives are sent to Kyonin, promoting a ‘new, bustling economy with place for elves to fit in as captains and crafters!" Word is sent back that they will ’send assessors in due time to consider the matter’. Oleg’s Trading Post swells as the one-stop Shop for all on their way to Redemption from Brevoy.

June – September Update 4712 AR

Solace continues to expand on its west and eastern fronts, with Loy Rezbin of the newly incorporated town of Tatzylford devoting much of his personal wealth assisting the rapidly expanding roads network. In his stead for the past year and some, Tatzylford’s forest environs have built up a small residential base for hunters and woodsmen, as well as an Inn, a Tannery, and a Shrine to Erastil tended to by his longtime companion, Latricia Evanore.
Similarly, responding to their requests, Solace funds a Granary in the stabilizing Sootscale Caverns warren, which now hosts a preponderance of myriad kobold colours alongside the sootscales, and a small detachment of humans who work as traders, guard affiliates, and inmates of the Silver Mines.Two signal towers are built on the northeastern and eastern borders of Solace.

A political function is hosted in Restov with Barons Drelev, Sarthaal, and Varn in attendance… as well as Count Rocca Marina, many nobles, Brand’s father Rurik Medyved, and of most note an unimpressed King Noleski Surtova of New Stetven, hearing a state of their expanding kingdom of Brevoy. An uncharacteristically tense Count Rocca heavily coaches Sarthaal on how to properly address the King. To assuage the mistrustful King of loyalty, the Count proposes that all baronies share at least once yearly training exercises in Brevoy proper, and formalize their markings as Brevic standard, to which King Surtova gives a curt nod.

September – December Update 4712 AR

In hopes of further attracting elven clientele and investment, an Exotic Craftsmen district is built wherein finer things are made- glass blowers, jewelers, sculptors, and the like. Jubilost Narthropple, less twitchy than when he was saved from trolls, now works there as a cartographic supplies store. As ever, Solace expands, building farms and expanding its fishing industry to the south of Redemption. While the PC’s are out, Reeves, Joan, and Bolivar are called in to deal with an emergency giant fungal plant attack on the southern shores of Tuskwater. After killing it, the fertile mud and rot of the area provide a bounty of fertilizer and mud for a small clay mine.

Maegar Varn’s cavaliers report great success securing their borders against centaur barbarians, and he sends Baron Sarthaal a small statue made out of jade that looks like himself, ‘sharing Varnhold’s bounty’ with its neighbor.

December – March Update 4713 AR
Bokken finally rooks the funding out of Oleg to make an Alchemist shop and support area within Redemption proper; the economy takes a boost as affordable potions become more available, and as insurance teams sell ‘explosive’ insurance to people living in the area. Signal towers to the southeast and center of Solace are built.

March – June Update 4713 AR

Expanding further in the woods and to the southwest, Azureclaw Village makes good on its promises of alliance, with their village and hunting camp added to the diversity of Solace, in particular trading with the fishermen along the Tuskwater. Tatylford constructs a Fletcher for the construction of the barony’s many bows and arrows, be they for hunters, the army, or private enterprise.

Commander Reeves and a notable detachment of the army go on training exercises on the fields north of Restov with Varnhold’s cavaliers, Drelev’s commandos, and Brevic nationalists. Svetlana happily announces that she and Oleg are now expecting a child. Mordu is now quite close to ‘normal adult size’.

- 5600xp for large amounts of kingdom growth (1865xp each)
- Solace now has three towns- Redemption, the Sootscale Caverns, and Tatyzlford, as well as Oleg’s Trading Post and Azureclaw Village as outposts.



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