Session 27 - The Harrowing

In which the victorious army marches home, brothers are "reunited", and the party has their fortunes read

A shell-shocked party exits the cave, divvying up available loot while simultaneously celebrating their victory with a battered but victorious army. Then, of course, the march home, where Joan and a small group of medics strive to heal the wounded- Mason lending his assistance. The town is joined in celebration, with the Nest bar hosting the biggest portion of the party (although the streets in general are alight with festivities by grateful / relieved citizens and militia).

Count Rocca Marina shows up personally to reward them on behalf of Restov for their glorious efforts in the hinterlands, as he puts it, and lathers on praise so thick it’s palpable. He enjoys his stay in Redemption for a few days, patronizing the local shops and talking to folks, no doubt working on his networking, before heading back home to organize transportation of goods and building supplies to Redemption, which will arrive in two weeks.

In the aftermath, a letter arrives from an envoy of the fae to the west, encouraging Mason, Brand, Finch, Em’Rel, Thune, and Reeves to attend a New Year’s party of sorts, signed by the Dancing Lady. The letters are all magical in nature, and convey messages with unnatural speed assuring them that no ill will happen while in her domain. Suspicious but curious, everyone agrees to go.

Deep in the woods, they find a ruined tower with no signs of inhabitation- at least, that’s what everyone else sees, but not Finch, who can see fae milling about inside as well as a small, grey, dapper fellow picking at his teeth with a dagger. He can tell she sees him, and Rigg the quickling servant beckons her forth with a cockney accent and wickedly jovial grin. As the gates are opened and the group ushered in, they all can see what’s going on, which is a large fae party, complete with quicklings, treants, two trolls, other brightly colored beings they don’t recognize, and two familiar individuals- Perlivash and Tyg Tigger Tut! Finch pets Perlivash as they get acquainted with the area, have some drink, and generally try to play it cool.

Upon being invited into the tower proper, Rigg leads them up the stairs within to the Dancing Lady, an immaculate fae figure of note in the region, who dances to a barely perceptible tune in an entrancingly beautiful way. Finch joins in for a bit, before the Dancing Lady’s voice hauntingly addresses them, congratulating them on the victory in battle not long ago, and asking for her ‘Uprising’ card back (which was taken by Hragulka) in return for harrow fortune’s read, a question each, if they so desire, and that this favor is her way of repaying a debt to another, a nature-loving friend of the main characters, Finch in particular. “…Yuuvitza?” she asks, but is unanswered.

Finch is ambiguously warned about danger, but not specifically that it comes from Asmodeus. Murky warning is murkily unappreciated. Something’s out there, set against them, but who knows what?

Most notably, and surprisingly to the others, Mason asks what befell his wife- and in a passing over past, present, and future, the Dancing Lady reveals that the cards say she is indeed dead at the hands of werewolves, and not, as he may have hoped, secretly a werewolf somewhere, where he might be able to yet save her. She further muses that his desire to build on the frontier, and build in general, may be his own way of trying to stay productive and build a new foundation over a destroyed relationship that cannot be rebuilt. She adds that soon, he will make a major life decision that will influence the rest of his life.

-1000xp (or 250xp each) for maintaining peaceful repose within the Fae land.
-Count Rocca awarded each leader 2000gp for defending Restov’s borders.
-Restov would send building materials and funds for the building of a proper Cemetary to honour Solace’s dead, as well as to finish off the Barracks construction.
-Count Rocca will use Brand’s 2000gp above to instead locate an owlbear trainer and pay him to train Mordu.



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