Session 22 - Hunting the Beast

In which a cave is plundered, an owlbear fought, and Brand's power grows (literally).

With very little difficulty, the assembled party tracks the wreckage that is the trail of the owlbear to it’s lair in the southeastern region of the Kamelands- specifically a hill that overlooks the river. They assess their options at this point, rather than merely charging in, and Mason rigs up a trap of a large falling rock while Sarthaal inspects everyone’s potions and sundry for magical identification. With this prepared, they send Finch in to scout as she is the most naturally stealthy. Wait, where did she go?

Inside she finds a terribly stinky midden area as well as accidentally locating a shrieker of a mushroom fungus. Alarming, but nothing shows up to investigate, and she remains hidden. The nest is found in the room to the east, as well as a man’s body still fresh with loot, which she takes- most particular of note is his magical dagger, poison, and an oddly shaped ring made out of what appears to be green hair. She pockets the small items, and eyes his gleaming (but now useless) chainmail, thinking that he’s not all that far off from Reeves’ build.

Outside, Mason discusses strategy, or tactics (whichever is which) in the form of putting together a boulder above the cave to bash the beast on the head should it emerge. He and Brand set about doing so, while Sarthaal supervises and ‘stands watch’.

Creeping onward, Finch discovers the giant owlbear’s abode, where it seems to be mourning it’s mate- a dead, rotting owlbear whose stench fails to deter it’s other half’s nuzzles. Tiptoeing away, Finch goes to report this very important news.

The party convenes and discuss what to do while Mason puts the finishing touches on his boulder trap, and it is determined that the best course of action is for the group to lie in wait, with Finch getting it’s attention as she is the most nimble- a fact she accomplishes with great aplomb. Fire gets her noticed, as some more alchemist fire nips at it’s leg’s fur, and with a great roar the beast is once again enraged at the humanoids who invaded its sanctum and killed it’s mate, and rushes to take it out on the current batch of bipeds.

Battle is joined as it appears in the archway, Finch yelling for them to go, now, and with a great Stoneclimb heave, Mason calls upon the strength of his arms and shield, and plows into the boulder, tipping it from its perch to land a strong glancing blow down the owlbear’s right flank, creating a momentous thud as it embeds in the earth next to it. Screeching in pain, the owlbear’s rolling eyes latch onto the first thing it sees- Finch, who hurt it first, which it retaliates against with a mighty blow! Finch is sent flying, rebounding off the rock wall, as Sarthaal maintains a safe distance atop Moonlight, launching scorching rays into it’s pelt. With his own bear-like roar, Brand brings his blades to bear, slashing at it’s legs until the squawking hulk snatches him up and begins to squeeze in one great claw. Mason’s arrows from above the ledge appear to do little to deter this. With his life being crushed out of him, Brand struggles to get a nearly forgotten potion from his hip to his lips- one of enlarge person! Taking it down in a mighty swig, he swallows, and begins to grow in the beast’s hand. Confused, the owlbear gets rid of him- throwing him at Mason, who is fortunately spared being crushed!

Everyone’s a little impressed by the impending battle of the Godzillas as the owlbear begins to climb the wall up to the ledge, but before it gets too far Brand is already vaulting atop it- his blades brought to bear, literally. His weight knocks it from its perch and it falls to its back, Brand’s newly enlarged blades drawing some of it’s last breath. Between this, and the volley of flame from Sarthaal, the enraged owlbear is made no more. Everyone takes a breather, and in time, Brand slowly reverts to normal size, upon emerging, his swords appear to be etched as though by acid in an undistinguished pattern near the base of the blade.

Determined to finish scoping out the cave before leaving, they head back in, and to nobody’s particular great surprise, they discover a mewling owlbear baby, one left still alive amongst its fellows at the back of the cave. Brand’s heart grew three sizes that day.

2750xp each, for defeating the giant owlbear, shriekers, and shambling mound
-Wand of Lightning bolt, 8 charges.
-Map of Greenbelt with cave and Redemption clearly marked.
-Cursed ring of bestial friendship made out of solidified green hair.
-146gp, 2 thunderstones, a tanglefoot bag, two smokesticks, a vial of antitoxin.
-Jar of restorative ointment
-2 potions of speak with animals.
-2 masterwork throwing daggers.
-1 dagger
2 chain shirt (most of the above found on or around Dovan’s body).



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