Session 19 - Devil's Deal

In which a dungeon is delved, an an old face confronted.

Despite the shock, the party soon rallies to Brand’s defence, attacking the offending statue with gusto, though they discover quickly that more than one are animate as one by one, four in total activate with the intent of bringing stone and steel death upon the invaders. One in particular operates as a magical turret, blasting Brand again and again until he chops off the stupid thing’s arms. Breathing heavily, they rally, and discover that in the midst of all this, Finch has disappeared! Outside, she’s beat feet to flee the island, but instead winds up drinking to herself to try to regain her composure outside the tower. With great trepidation, she decides, after a few hours thought, that she’d best go in and find her companions… to get them to leave immediately, out of utter terror for the not only Chelish, but Asmodean presence!

Insides, the three men have retreated from the hall of statues to a centralized storefront and under Sarthaal’s orders begin to construct crude fortifications out of boxes, chests, and other stackables. Though rickety, the slapdash effort will prevent them from being overrun as they sleep and at least giving them time to rise to the battle and meet their enemy in fewer numbers as they clamber over. The first one to clamber over is Finch, before they rest in the dungeon, and though she tries to tell them to leave, Sarthaal implores her to stay… with a charm spell that just barely works.

They rest, but only manage to get about two hours worth when their camp is attacked by the wailing of ghouls, and then the ghouls themselves. They are under siege! They rise, going to defend their three entrances with good success- the ghouls can at best barely get over the wall before being blasted or sliced to smithareens. Mason’s earthwork proves effective- softening the structure of the wall above the doorways so that the stone and clay drop a crushing load on the interlopers. Imps appear then, a clear devilish presence establishing itself amidst the undead, whirling and screeching around the party’s heads… but it is Finch’s neck that feels it most keenly. Not their talons, but the ache of her House’s tattoo, which would usually signify the presence of an Asmodean cleric! Moments after, one of the walls is blasted and shattered, with a bearded devil behind their true foe, a hell knight of Asmodeus- none other than Godfred Lambert, a blackguard in the flesh who ought to be back in the dungeons of Restov! Sneering, he launches into the fray as his imps die, the last one of which does manage to tear Finch’s scarf from her neck, revealing her mark.

Already weakened from the siege, the onslaught of an antipaladin and a larger devil at the same time proves nearly too much. They are so nearly matched, even as Brand is forced to fall by the fiery blade of Godfred- who stands atop him with blade at throat, to propose a deal… and on the side, recognize that Finch ought go back to her lawful owners, as she is property.

Godfred proposes thus- that they invaded his current home, and that as compensation they must leave and not disturb the island. In exchange, he swears that he and any followers of his will leave the vicinity within six months, with an addition of nonaggression between the two parties. In effect, everyone gets to live and let live, and they’ll leave the island and the kingdom’s vicinity in some time. Sarthaal barters the time down mercilessly, sneering at the notion that devil worshipers would be good company and that they surely are up to no good (which is a fair point), while Godfred simply tells him to ask Finch how trustworthy Chelish paperwork and sworn oaths are, which grudgingly she can’t really refute (the devil, as always, being in the details you don’t see and not the deals you do). Waiting patiently, a contract is written up, and signed by both parties.

At this point, Sarthaal unleashes an attack, the whole contract having been a distraction- Finch uses her elemental gem to summon a water elemental to attack Godfred as Sarthaal simultaneously throws a barrel of flammable oil at Godfred, getting him soaked in it from the waist down. Howling with fury, Godfred attacks Brand at his feet before being pushed back, leaving the party’s warrior on the knife-edge of death! The flaming arrow Sarthaal next shoots sets Godfred aflame, and finally he breaks from the room at a dead run down the dark corridor behind him. The devil with him simply teleports, leaving them alone. Instead of giving chase, they flee after getting Brand healed to conciousness- too sore and wounded to persist in battle any longer. It seems to have been a good idea to pause, as Mason senses the underground dungeon beginning to shudder, and quake… its collapse imminent! They rush up the stairs as it collapses beneath them, and leap from the tower’s front door as it falls, piece by piece, in on itself into a wreckage, with their panting forms taking a breather in the moonlight.


13000xp (3250xp each)

800xp x 4 Animate Statue
800xp x 4 Wight
200xp x 2 Zombies
600xp x 4 Imps
2200xp x Godfred Lambert
1600xp x Bearded devil

Totally destroyed a tower and got to jump away from it while it collapsed behind you.



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