Session 4 - Dealing With Vermin

In which our party handles vermin, both immense and tiny

14th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The smoke from the logs cause enough of a commotion that the mites send a few out to douse the flames. Rushing in, the party takes a few of them unawares, and follows up with some magical smog of their own- Yuvitza’s mists shrouding the party as they clear up the entrance and establish themselves once more in front.

Spending time before nightfall, they make an embankment right around the entrance so that they have maximum advantage. No mites appeared to make it out any mystery side tunnels, apparently planning instead for a last ditch effort in raising their ‘God’, the Gragnoc. Lurking within, and summoned by a mite’s death, a monstrous centipede is roused- the party distracted from the chanting by a rush of weakened mites storming the front tunnel.

The Gragnoc proves to be a powerful beast, but outnumbered- Vitrius and Tobias only barely avoiding unconsciousness or worse from it’s mighty jaws and poisoned mandibles. Eventually being pummeled and hewn into ichor-covered bits, the head is mounted atop the tunnel, minus the mandibles which are claimed as trophies.

A good night’s sleep follows. The mites are cowed.

15th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

The mites are rounded up, helplessly accepting their fate as their most powerful creature has already been defeated. They appear to be stunned, having not thought it possible to slay the Gragnoc lurking in their tunnels. Tied up, mite to mite, they are forced to march towards Oleg’s for sentencing- the party unwilling to leave them as they are, or to slay them outright. They are joined by a very weak kobold, Mikmek, who recovers his strength from being a tortured captive.

16th of Pharasma (March) 4710AR

Late that evening, the party arrives just after dark at Oleg’s Trading post just as a cold wind picks up, one of Pharasma’s chilling breaths. Kesten Garess greets them at the gate, opening it wide for them as the mites are shuffled into temporary internment inside the stable. Though raising an eyebrow over the whole affair, when questioned about legal possibilities, he raises that if they are not to be executed for their crimes, they can instead be shipped to the Gronzi Forest in eastern Brevoy in the service of a logging work camp instead. There, they will be fed and sheltered, but have their punishment taken out in the form of hard labour. At a loss for better alternatives, the party takes it.

Rewards and Loots

  • Each character gains 740xp from defeating Gragnoc and the mites.
  • Each character has 2000XP total now- leveling up for the first time! Hurray!



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